Mesha Multi Entity Accounting Software for Global Businesses

The Multi Entity Accounting Software for all your global accounting needs

Manage all your global entities in real time, monitor inter-company fund flows and set up seamless processes for multi entity accounts payable using mesha

Multi-Entity Accounting should not feel like a multitude of complexities

Discover how mesha empowers global teams by effortlessly bridging currencies, monitoring upcoming liabilities, and providing real-time truth on the company funds across entities.

Manage cross-border entities in real-time

mesha provides a centralized platform where you can effortlessly oversee and manage all your entities across different locations in real-time. No matter how geographically dispersed your entities are, mesha brings them together in one unified interface, providing you with a holistic view of your financial landscape.

Know how your money flows within entities

With mesha, you can easily link the accounts of your various entities. This allows you to visualize and track intercompany fund flows seamlessly. Whether it's your Indian entity linked to ICICI and Razorpay in INR or your US entity connected to a US Bank and Ramp in USD, mesha enables you to monitor and analyze the movement of funds between entities effortlessly.

View upcoming liabilities and bank balances

Gain valuable insights into your financial obligations and upcoming liabilities across different entities with mesha. You can conveniently access information about pending payments and obligations in one entity from another. Additionally, mesha provides real-time bank balance updates, allowing you to make informed financial decisions based on the current financial position of each entity.

Get real time financial insights from all your entities in one dashboard

The accounting holy grail for global teams of all sizes

This is just a sneak peak! Our comprehensive accounting suite covers these and much more.

We love all sizes

We manage multi-entity accounting for global startups, SMBs and enterprise teams

Collaboration tools for global teams

Streamline communication and maximize productivity with options to add global team members and accountants, tracking tasks and sharing documents securely.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Consolidated financial statements, customized reports, and performance analytics across entities

Multi Currency Support

We support 100+ currencies and manage local currencies for different entities


Get compliance reminders and filing deadlines for all your entities

mesha AI Search

Use mesha AI Search for quick answers to all your financial queries spanning different entities

Loved by our community

Aniket Jindal


We've saved a lot of time and money with mesha. Before this, we were using Excel and had limited visibility on all our accounts and balances

Multiple Seamless Integrations for Your Multi-Entity Requirements

Scale your global business with automated integrations crafted for you

Bank Accounts

We integrate with 10000+ banks across the globe, to help you get real time updates on your transactions and bank balance from various linked accounts from different entities.


Using different accounting solutions in different entities, no problem! We partner with a range of accounting softwares to help you uncover financial insights from multiple sources of truth.


Along with our seamless banking and accounting integrations we also offer payment integration capabilities with leading payment providers.

Unlock financial efficiency across your entities with mesha's Multi Entity Management Accounting Software    

mesha's Multi-Entity Accounting Expertise vs. The “Average Joe” Accounting Solutions

Entity Management
Inter-company Transactions
Chart of Accounts
Automated Alerts and Notifications
Integration with Other Systems
Drill-Down Capabilities
Centralized Dashboard
Enables tracking and consolidation of financial data across various entities
Provides features to record and reconcile transactions between entities
Supports multiple charts of accounts for each entity
Scales to accommodate a growing number of entities
Sends automated alerts and notifications in real-time for critical events or financial anomalies across multiple entities.
Integrates with other business systems (e.g., ERP, CRM) to provide real-time insights across various operational areas of multiple entities.
Offers drill-down capabilities to access detailed financial information for each entity, enabling in-depth analysis and investigation.
Offers a centralized dashboard that displays key financial metrics, performance indicators & summaries across multiple entities.
Accounting Software that do not support multi entity management
Focuses on managing financial data for a single entity
No functionality for managing intercompany transactions
Typically uses a single chart of accounts
Limited scalability for managing multiple entities
Offers alerts and notifications but limited to events and anomalies within a single entity, potentially missing cross-entity insights.
Lacks comprehensive integration capabilities, limiting the scope of real-time insights across entities.
Limited or no ability to perform detailed analysis across multiple entities simultaneously.
Provides a dashboard displaying financial metrics and indicators, but limited to a single entity's data.

Want to bring in the mesha accounting powerhouse to manage your entities globally?

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